Hurricane Irma

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Good morning all,

Hurricane Irma is looming and I know everyone is getting nervous and prepping for the storm.  Please remember that we will book quickly for hurricane boarding so call early.  Also, please call ahead for medication and food refills.  We are trying our best to accommodate everyone in a timely manner but can only do so if you call us early for refills.  The clinic is open 24/7/365 for emergencies but we will not allow our staff to leave the building during the storm.  If the storm is overhead and you find you have an emergency, please call first to see if there is anything you can safely do at home until the storm passes.  There is a chance that we will not have phone service during the storm so if you are unable to reach us just come in.  We are here to help as best we can before, during and after the storm.  772.337.8570. 

Thank you!