Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour

Our Clinic. We want to thank Ric Rumley from Indian River Images for the wonderful photos.

Main Reception.

Waiting area with a place to keep the children entertained.

Side waiting area in main building

Medium Exam Room - We have 6 exam rooms. Two small for our cats, two medium for our smaller and medium dogs and two large for our larger dogs (or a herd of chihuahuas :->).

Large exam room (with hide away exam table).

Another large exam room. This has a lift table for our larger patients.

Our main treatment area. (Our canine models: Chester & Rosie).

Treatment. (Canine model: Rosie)

In house lab and pharmacy.

Radiology. (Canine model: Chester)


Isolation. Any animals that are contagious to others are hospitalized in this room.

Food prep and storage. All boarders' food is stored here along with their belongings.

Boarding Reception. (Canine model: Micky, in motion)

Boarding canine cages.

Boarding Runs. (Modeled by Micky, Ben & Pearl)

Luxury Boarding - Beach Room. All of our luxury rooms are equipt with internet cameras (to get your daily dose of your baby while away) and flat screen T.V.s. We provide all bedding: blankets, beds, cots, etc.

Luxury Boarding - Disney Room.

Luxury Boarding - Princess Room.

Luxury Boarding - Cowboy Room.

Luxury Boarding - Jungle Room. (Modeled by Irving :->)

Outside boarding run area.

Outside boarding run - side area.

Indoor run area. (Canine models: Ben & Micky)

Cat boarding - Modular units. Both our cat boarding and cat hospital rooms have fish tanks for visual stimulation :-).

Cat Boarding - Open Glass Fronts. We offer two very different housing for our feline boarders. The cubicle style cages are modular and allow for more privacy and hiding spots. Our open front cages are more like enclosed cat condos that allow for more vertical movement and a wide open viewing area. We've found that a lot of our more timid cats actually prefer the open spaces of the glass fronts. Who knew!

Grooming. (Canine model: Rosie)

Bathing room.

Our clinic - night view.